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Probate Problems

Having to deal with the sale of a loved ones property at the same time as grieving is not a good mix, but often the stress doesn’t come from the actual sale, or even the dreaded task of cancelling utility providers and clearing possessions, but the painful process of probate.

We talk to our very own Wayne Bird about his battles selling a probate property.

Wayne is straight to the point with the following warnings and advice.

‘’Should you have the unfortunate task of having to sell a property under the restraints of probate, please be aware that the probate office at Harlow are currently working to a timescale of between 3 - 6 months. Be warned that you are unable to get any update for the first 8 weeks after the application is received. So if you decide to apply using the paper versions of the required forms you must ensure that you send your documents by a tracked service, and always obtain confirmation of delivery.’’

‘’Having suffered the stress of having a paper probate application supposedly lost by the probate office after being delivered by a tracked service, I would strongly recommend applying online wherever possible.’’

Wayne also highlighted a lack of compassion which is the last thing you’d expect from a department dealing with such a sensitive issue.

For more first hand advice please do not hesitate to contact Wayne.


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